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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Why are your investments not open to US customers?

We specialize in bringing US investment opportunities to our international clients. US regulations require offers to be for “Accredited Investors” only and not for the public at large. Rather than offer our services to US Accredited Investors, who tend to be sophisticated investors with many opportunities available to them anyway, we prefer to focus on our core group of clients in the international market and bring them great investment opportunities.

How can you Guarantee such High Returns?

Good Question. The fact is that funding for small and medium businesses in the US offers very good returns. The usual problem is that the limiting factor is that industry funders do not require money, they require eligible clients. Obviously, only businesses with very low risk factors are eligible for funding. So these opportunities are usually limited to industry insiders. This is where we come in. We work with a close team of industry leaders in several areas of the business flow to access exclusive investment opportunities in the industry. We invest in a diversified pool of business funding products under two layers of strict underwriting processes, leading business funders risking their own cash, and then our own.

Will my returns vary with the market performance?

No. Rather than expose our clients to the variations of the market, we guarantee you a fixed return. Due to our exclusive opportunities in the business funding space, proprietary technology, strict underwriting and diversified portfolio (which even out performance fluctuations), we are able to offer these healthy returns at a guaranteed rate.

What risks are involved in my investment?

Investing always carries risks. Though we guarantee returns and to date we have never delivered anything less than promised, and we do not intend to in the future, there are still significant risks one should consider. Firstly, your investment is always subject to currency risk. The US dollar’s value may fluctuate in relation to your currency and/or it’s real purchasing power may decrease.

Secondly, extreme cases, such as a complete financial collapse, civil unrest, war or other disrupting events, could cause a collapse in a great part of the US economy and its business sector, and/or the banking system and/or the US dollar. The rule of law and functioning markets could even be affected. In such extreme scenarios, though we guarantee your principal and return, our company may not be able to fulfill its obligation. Factors outside our control are always a potential risk.

What are your Fees? How do do you make money?

We do not charge you any fees of any kind. No management fees, allocation fees nor any other. We earn our profit from real performance. Across our diversified portfolio, we consistently get net returns that are higher than those due to our customers. We take our part for a job well done, and pass on the rest to our valued clients. We take risk off your hands, and make every dollar we get from good performance.

The only time we may offer you less than the full maturity amount on your investment, is if you request from us an early withdrawal. As a courtesy we can offer you a “buy back” amount, which you are free to accept or reject.

What amounts can I invest?

Our minimum account is $20,000 USD. If a client is interested in a short term trial run to test our services, we can accept 1st time investments of $5,000 USD.

Our maximum allocations vary from time to time depending on market conditions, supply and demand. We indicate in our website whether we are open or closed for new investments at the moment. If your investment amount is higher than our current availability, we will always let you know and not accept any funds over our capacity.

For new clients, maximum investment size is $100,000 USD.

How can I get stated?

Just get in touch with us. The best method is to use our form on the site. Feel free to use English, Spanish, Russian… we speak those and a few more! We will get in touch with you, answer any questions you may have, and when you are ready, we sign an agreement and get started! Easy Peasy.

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